Standard 4

Language Arts


Before Reading:

Define feud and brainstorm reasons why families might feud with each other

This story is about two families: the Felinis, a family of cats; and the Barkers, a family of dogs. Can you predict what the story will be about?


Activity 1

After the Story

Now answer the following questions:
  • 1. Do you know what is a pun?

    A pun is a humorous play on words that emphasize different meanings or uses of words that are alike but have different meanings . For example: Romeow plays on the name Romeo – Romeow is a cat, and cats meow; Drooliet plays on the name Juliet – Drooliet is a dog, and dogs drool.


  • Now explain the pun in the names of the characters – the Felinis (cats) and the Barkers (dogs).


    2. Where does this story take place?


    3. Choose a character from the story and describe him/her using a character trait word. Support your answer choice using details from the story.


    4. What was the conflict in the story?


    5. Why didn’t they like each other?


    6. How could we help the characters to resolve this conflict?


    7. What are the important events in this story?


    8. Is this book fiction or nonfiction?


    9. How does the problem get resolved?


    10. Did you think the title was a good one for the story? Why do you think that?

Journal Writing:
  • What makes you angry and how do you often deal with it?

  • Come up with one way that you could deal with your anger in a healthier way and resolve the conflict peacefully.

  • Write about this in a journal.

Masquerade masks were worn during the masquerade ball in both Romeo and Juliet and Romeow and Drooliet:
Option: Make a dog or cat mask
  • Paper plates


     markers, or crayons

     Popsicle sticks

     Craft items as needed: pom-poms, glitter, ribbon, etc



1. Cut a paper plate in half.


2. Cut out holes for eyes.


3. Color and decorate as desired.


4. Glue popsicle stick to plate.



Activity 1