Standard 4

Language Arts

Activity 1

Using the sequence chart below, write a summary of the story you just heard. In the space provided, write or draw your summary of each chapter or scene as indicated on the right.

Activity 2
Answer the following questions:

1. How are you alike or different from the main character, Trisha?


2. Do any of the events in the story remind you of something that may have happened to you?


3. Complete the following statements. Leave space between each of the following statements below to write your answers.


Trisha’s feelings in the story:

(i) When she knows she will be going to school and learn to read, Trisha feels …


(ii) When the words are jumbled and it’s not easy to read, Trisha feels …


(iii) When other kids make fun of her for not being able to read, Trisha feels…


(iv) When Mr. Falkner begins to take an interest in her, Trisha feels …


(v) When Mr. Falkner works with her and helps her to understand reading, Trisha feels….



4. How would you describe Mr. Falker? Use character trait words and details from the story to support your response.


5. Is this book fiction or non-fiction? How do you know?


6. What happens in the beginning of the story?


7. What are the important events in the story?


8. What is the problem in this story?


9. How does the problem get resolved? How does the story end?

Writing Activity:

Think of a special person who helped you in some way, similar to how Mr. Falker helped Patricia Polacco. This special someone can be an adult or older student who helped you academically, with a sport, a craft, etc.


Write a thank you letter to that special someone. Remember that a friendly letter has five parts. These are as follows: date, greeting, body, closing, and signature. Use the writing process to complete the assignment.



Activity 1