Standard 3

Language Arts

Catching the Moon - Crystal Hubbard

This activity should be guided by a parent

 Build background by discussing the following points:


Student will share a list of foods that he or she likes and dislikes and then explain why they believe they like or dislike each.

Explain to child that they should listen to the story to answer these reading focus questions:
Activity 1

Procedure: Stop periodically to ask questions/pose prompts such as: 


Ask student to show his or her opinion of the weird sandwiches by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down as each of Carla’s sandwiches are introduced. 


Why didn’t anyone want to sit next to Carla? (they didn’t like her sandwiches) 


Would you have reacted the same way as the characters in the story? Thumbs up/thumbs down . Why? Why not? 


Why does Buster decide to try the sandwich? 


Why do you think the other characters decided to try the sandwich after Buster? (accept any reasonable answer) 


Were you surprised that Carla brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the end of the story? Why? (accept any reasonable answer) 


What makes you unique from other? 

After Reading:

You and your child can now go into the kitchen and create your own ‘Creative Sandwich” which you will eat. Have fun putting together your sandwiches! ENJOY! 


Activity 1