Standard 1

Language Arts

Activity 1
Discuss with a parent, sibling or relative. Read each question and type your response to the following questions based on the video above.

Why did Harry hide the scrubbing brush? 


Why did Harry run away? 


Why did Harry decide to go home? 


Why did the family not recognize Harry? 


Why did Harry do all his tricks? 


Why did Harry dig up the scrubbing brush? 


Who is the author of the story “Harry the Dirty Dog”?

Harry hid the scrubbing brush because he did not like to take baths.


He ran away because he did not want to take a bath. 


Harry decided to go home because he was tired.


They did not recognize harry because he was black with white spots instead of white with black spots.


He did all the tricks because he tried to have the family recognize him.


Harry wanted a bath to show that he was really Harry.


The author of the story is Gene Zion.


Activity 1
Practice work - Select 3rd grade when prompted